Renting an RV

Things You Need to Know

Renting an RV is one of the best ways to explore the United States. If you are planning to rent an RV the following are things you need to know:

Choosing the Size and Type of RV

There are several different RV types. The larger the unit, the more space, privacy and comfort it will afford its guests. If you are planning to stay at one place for a long time and would like some luxury it would be a good idea to rent a Fifth Wheel. This will enable you to park your trailer and have the ability to use the truck for daily excursions. If you are planning to move around or drive on rougher roads, a smaller camper would be a great choice. Your decision will depend on how many people are traveling, where you will be going and also your budget. Take your time deciding, because your choice may make your vacation the most memorable ever or you will be so miserable you will never want to look at another RV again. Once you know which unit you would like to rent, visit us and check out the camper to make sure it will meet your expectations.

Reserving Early

If you are traveling during high season and you know which RV or trailer you would like to rent, it is a good idea to book your RV early. You will be able to secure the RV you want.

Basic Set Up

When you are going over the RV features and basic set up, make sure you are familiar with the leveling system and gauges. Gate valves for emptying grey and black tanks should be closed all the way. You don’t want to be splashed by a bit of sewage when the dust cap is taken off. Adjust mirrors to needed position. Make sure everything is in proper working condition.


Making sure of insurance coverage is a good idea and will help ease any concerns about driving an expensive trailer.

Being Safe on the Road

Pick up your RV early. Drive it around a few blocks and test all the features yourself. If you come across a rare unexpected problem the mechanics may have missed, you will still have time to have it corrected before starting out, instead of finding out 300 miles into your trip.

Campgrounds and RV Parks

Canadian and US campgrounds offer camp sites ranging from back-to-nature basics in a wilderness setting, full facility campgrounds for RVs, quiet scenic camping sites, or RV parks with full resort facilities and amenities for families with children. When selecting an RV campground, it is important to plan ahead. Otherwise, you could arrive at your destination, only to find no place to stay. During peak season it is rare to find a campground without reserving. It is a good idea to purchase a couple of campground guides. They will give you information about fees and facilities.

Alternative Transportation

It may be enough to pack a couple of bicycles, there are foldable bikes on the market that are comparable to regular bikes. They are easy to store and fun to ride. A lot of experienced travelers bring along a small motorized scooter. Enjoyment of your vacation may depend on how you handle transportation needs once you park at a campground or RV park.

Secure your Load

Make sure everything in your trailer is put away in cabinets and whatever is not in cabinets is safely tied down so it can’t move. Checking the fridge is a good idea to make sure there is nothing that will spill or be thrown around during the trip. You wouldn’t want to get to your destination and find a fridge full of broken eggs or spilled milk. Not a fun way to start your trip.

Happy Travels!!

Southside RV Rentals

Advantages of Rentals Being Our Main Business

Have you been thinking about renting an RV for your next vacation? There is an insider secret that many of our previous customers might know that you haven’t discovered yet – you can get more value by renting from us here at Southside where our main specialty is rentals. Of course everything has its pros and cons and is subject to personal opinion and bias, but here are some things to think about.

First of all, make sure you understand the differences between Class A (looks like a bus), Class C (more like a camper), Class B (the size of a large van) and, of course, pull-behinds and 5th wheels which are towed instead of driven. Many companies who are dealers just rent what they have in stock at the time – sometimes taken in used and currently for sale. Renting is a sideline for many dealers – some do it well – others might treat it like a sideline. A specialized RV rental business is highly likely to take excellent care and give special attention to their RV’s. Renters of an RV rental business like this one recognize that the unit itself is usually well cared for and are usually more respectful of the property they are renting which benefits future renters as well.

Of course everyone knows that large dealer companies have overhead costs to cover. Specialized RV rental businesses are much more likely to offer personalized added value in comparison for your rental, simply because they can!

Fees, fees and a few more fees! The big companies love them so much that sometimes they don’t even tell you about them until you’re picking up the keys. This is a common complaint in the industry. When comparing prices, always ask about Transport Fees, Cleaning Fees, Tear-Down and Retrieval Fees, and Dump Fees. Our fees are already spelled out on our website so there should be no surprises.

One thing that does represent a legitimate concern are breakdowns. Southside Camper Rental and Supplies does everything in it’s power to make sure everything is in good condition to avoid any problems. Other dealers rental units might not have been maintained and inspected as well as these units where rental is our main focus.

As in all things money, caveat emptor (buyer beware) and make sure you get a signed rental agreement AND read it. Do a little research, ask for some references and follow your instincts.

So, when you rent from us, you are more likely to enjoy your vacation, probably save a chunk of your change from our low prices for souvenirs, and make some new friends, at no extra charge.

Choosing The Right Rental

If you are looking to rent an RV for any reason, there are usually many things that you have to do in order to find what will fit your needs the best. Most people think that getting a camper for an upcoming event is just a matter of going to the nearest rental store and finding one. However, you need to consider some additional things. The procedure of renting an RV has to take into account everything that you are going to need during the trip to ensure that you end up having a good time. Thankfully, the process is often very easy to go through just as long as you are straightforward about your approach.

The first thing you would need to do is decide on what you’re planning to use the camper for. For instance, if you are looking to rent one for use by your whole family, you may need to get one which is sizeable enough for this. Each person has to have more than enough room to sleep and relax in. Considering that most of the time campers are rented for purposes of relaxation, this is something that one should not really take for granted.

In addition to that, you may also need to figure out what kind of equipment you need on the RV. For instance, if you are the kind of person who loves cooking, you may need to rent one which has a gas cooker. This also means that you would need to think of how to get food for the RV. Getting one which also has a refrigerator may be in your best interests if you are looking to find an RV you can easily cook in. Thankfully beyond minor size and feature differences, most of these requirements are already included in almost all RV’s as standard equipment.

Once you have all your requirements listed down, you can then go ahead to find a rental business like us who can rent the RV that you need. Since everyone has different needs as far as these vehicles are concerned, the best way to get the one that suits you most is by consult our large variety of rental options. This way, you can easily just go through the inventory and choose the one that suits you most. It is very easy to get the ideal RV rental in this manner since you may not need to spend too much time on the process.

Once you have found the RV that you think is ideal for you, you should then proceed to examine it. In most cases, these RVs are found online, which means that one may not get the opportunity to examine them in such a setting. Once you have found the one you are looking for, it is a great idea to visit us and find out more about the RV in question. After you are sure that everything checks out for your needs, you can then reserve the rental and go ahead with planning your trip.

RV Rental – Some Tips

Rental companies like Southside are very advantageous to have around. They help you with everything and are very convenient to have in our day to day life to make things simpler. However before you rush into choosing a rental, there are a lot of tips that a person has to keep in mind. You should not make haste and make a wrong decision which you are going to regret later. It would be wiser to go slow and deliberate on your decision making. By doing so you will ensure that you get what you need. This will also make sure that you spend less time and get more output. The best part is that you will end up getting the best option possible specifically for you. Take note of the following rental tips for better choices:

• Try to find out what kind of RV is your cup of tea. Since you might utilize your RV over a longer time-frame, it can add greatly to your satisfaction if you take various types and model differences into consideration as to how each might  meet you preferences the best. This includes both driving or resting times also. Consider the space critically. Don’t go overboard with a harder to maneuver and handle RV than you would be comfortable with, but try to ensure there is still enough space to haul and be comfortable the items you think are necessary for your planned rental time-frame.

• Comfort should be a priority if that adds to your enjoyment and satisfaction.

• Considering luxuries of a more expensive unit by not really worrying about the extra expenditure can be a very good option if the stay will be for a longer duration. There are a lot of modern luxuries at affordable costs.

• Make sure your RV either has, or you bring along, everything that you might need, including television, radio, GPS, mobile phone, headphones, and other equipment you might need or want. Make a checklist, and then counter check to make sure everything you need is not left out.

• Make sure you know your Insurance packages, and consider knowing procedures for unforeseen breakdowns if they occur. This will enable you to know what to do or who to call in case there is an unexpected breakdown or accident, and how your insurance policies work in the unfortunate event of a crisis. Make sure you are able to pull the RV safely, if you don’t have it transported for you, before you rent it. It can be different than driving just your car.

Our professional staff are masters at assisting you to have a great rental experience!