Septic cleanout for RV? : GoRVing

I recently purchased a house that has a septic tank that I need to have emptied monthly. All the companies I called had a minimum amount they would pump out. If I was under 500gallons. They would still charge me the $75. I don’t know if it would be worth it to have a septic company come to pump them out. Plus, the connectors on pump truck hoses are cam lock style. And don’t connect to the drain pipe on rvs. I also think the suction power that a pump truck has would cause problems. I’d imagine you’d have to hold the toilet open while they pump. You could literally suck the skin off your body if you put your hand over the hose while it’s running (I install these pumps at work) I would suggest a portable waste water tank. You’d dump the trailer tanks into that, then transport that to a dump station, or a clean out in your main house line, if you have one. It’s a hassle for sure. Maybe check about renting a porta potty.

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Driving Houston to Buffalo, forced march due to pandemic; overnight stays? : GoRVing

New to this community; please forgive any errors concerning this sub’s expectations. Asking for help, where to stop for nights on road.

Driving Houston to Buffalo during pandemic. Dad died, not Corona related. Had to clean out his apartment. That got bogged down in issues as pandemic lockdowns happened. I’ve been holed up in senior living complex, effectively self-quarantined 2 weeks (semi-quarantined since late February). Partner at home has mental health issues, history of suicide attempts. Starting to lose it, as I’ve effectively been gone since mid-October occupied with dying, death, aftermath.

Have interstate route through Google maps. Solo driver, respectable but dented station wagon, mid 60s female. Have done this trip 20 years ago in better days, expect 3 days. Know there may be police checking, have death certificate & brief narrative printed out to show on request. Avoiding hotels and (most of time) public restrooms as possible contamination sites. Wearing gloves, bandana mask, spraying Lysol. Will happily self quarantine at home.

I hear some Walmarts are okay, need to check specific ones online. Would a hotel let me park in lot, do you think? Probably parks & rest stops a no-go at this point. Any thoughts or additional ideas greatfully received.

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Furnace help : GoRVing

My husband is currently away in our camper for work (hes considered an essential employee which is ridiculous but that’s another story.) And the furnace isn’t working apparently. He tells me it clicks and the blower comes on but theres no heat. Theres propane (hot water and stove works). I’m not sure what else I can have him do especially since hes so far from me… any tips or advice?

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Finding a GAS station for a long rig : GoRVing

This question is for those who tow long, large trailers with gassers: How easily do you find gas stations that you can fit in?

I’m looking for a new-to-me truck. Previously, we had a diesel so we would just go to the semi side of truck stops. I’m considering a gasser as my next ride, but don’t know realistically how I’ll physically fuel it. Trailer is a 35′ bumper pull Grand Design 2970RL so my full situation will be 55’+ long. Thanks!

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Grey/black water tank size? : GoRVing

As some of you may know from my past posts, my husband and I upgraded last camping season to a 16 BHS Wolf Pup! We finally have a bathroom and real walls (upgraded from a popup!) which is such an improvement.

This year, we have at least 1 trip booked per month May-September before our baby arrives – except for one, they are all at state parks with electric only hookups. This was going to be fine, as we are used to using campground facilities – however due to Covid19 our governor has closed all of said facilities while the parks remain open. As long as the parks remain open our trips will happen.

My question is this: how long will our tank last for the bathroom with 2 people using toilet/shower? Since we’ve never experienced this before, I have no idea. We can still use a water spigot for getting water for dishes so we won’t need our sink aside from washing hands at least. Should we plan to hitch up after 2 days and go empty the tank, come back and re setup? Or will it last for a 4 day trip? Thanks!

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Husband is a grad student, trying to get home with 2 kids + dog Boston -> Houston. Seems safer/simpler to rent an RV than fly. Good idea? Bad idea? : GoRVing

My husband is a grad student in Boston for a program supposed to end this summer. The entire school has gone remote so we don’t actually need to be here. 2 kids under 4 and a 65 lb. dog. Airlines have stopped cargo checking pets so dog would have to ship ground. To ship the dog with a pet courier is ~$3k, plus airfare for us, and with that comes all the COVID19 risks of flying. So we called Cruise America. A one-way RV rental for all of us, dog included, is ~$2k. Seems a no brainer.

We are total RV virgins. I have no idea what to expect. Our plan is to just high tail it home as fast as possible, certainly not make a vacation out of it. Our kids are 1 and 3. What do I need to know? What am I not considering? Am I totally bananas for considering this or is this a creative solution to a complex problem? Has anyone done any cross country trips in the last few days or weeks? What’s it like out there? Campgrounds still taking road trip style reservations? I am open to all advice, questions, wisdom anyone can offer. Thank you in advance!

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50A plug damaged due to a short

My wife was connecting our RV to shore power. We had a 50A to 30A converter on, and she said there was a spark when she plugged it in.

The 50A connector is toast so we got a new one. I will replace it today.

Meanwhile, what’s the possible damage to our RV? Any fuse or breaker/switch that I need to look into? We don’t have a surge protector.


submitted by /u/ratesEverythingLow

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Parking her at the shore this summer so we’re wanting to make some upgrades including instant hot water, any brand recommendations?

Parking her at the shore this summer so we’re wanting to make some upgrades including instant hot water, any brand recommendations? submitted by /u/MarxModified

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Private Sell Payment methods : GoRVing

Does anyone have any experience with selling/buying an RV? Specifically, how did you accept payment? This is kind of what i’ve scrounged up online

Cash – not super convenient or desirable to be walking around with thousands in cash. Fake spotting pens apparently aren’t always reliable either.

cashier check / money order – can be faked

paypal / venmo – people can rescind payment, i’ve heard of issues with paypal basically denying payout with little explanation.

A lot of people suggest meeting them at the bank / store and going with them to draw the cash / money orders etc..Has this worked for anyone here?

(Also, if anyone is interested in a 17 ft travel trailer in OH, hit me up lol)

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Hi folks! I am a casual prepper and I have an RV for my bug out vehicle. Can anyone recommend any prepper podcasters whose podcasts are based around RV prepping? Or mobile bug outs in general? Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/lofri1

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Recommendation for Lightweight RV

I am new to RVing and I am looking for a starter RV than is less than 20′, with high build quality without paying the price of an Airstream. Could you please recommend a brand and model? I am considering purchasing this used.

This would mostly be stationary on a lot we purchased in the Adirondacks, it will serve as a temp home while we build on the property. We may take it out for occasional camping trips.

submitted by /u/traveler1911

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Hey guys so I’m having power issues with my 97 winnabego , I noticed some of these push and some are stuck . Honestly I have no idea what this is . Thinking maybe it might be involved

Hey guys so I'm having power issues with my 97 winnabego , I noticed some of these push and some are stuck . Honestly I have no idea what this is . Thinking maybe it might be involved submitted by /u/blackulaphoto

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How to tow a 2020 Honda Civic (Roadmaster and Blue Ox say no) : GoRVing

So, we bought a 2020 Honda Civic 6 speed manual with the understanding that it could be towed. There are two manuals. The “owners manual” for both the 2019 and 2020 both say “your sedan cant be towed behind an RV.” But, the “user manual” for both cars say that manuals can be towed behind an RV and give instructions on how to do it (put in neutral, set to accesory, take parking break off). The owners manual is only available online and is probably 650 pages long. The user manual (I think that is the name), is the smaller manual that comes in the car.

When I go to Blue Ox, they list a set up for 2019. When I contacted them about a 2020 set up, they say they go off the owners manual as “the bible.” When I point out that the 2019 owners manual (ie the 2019 bible), says the same thing, they went silent and had no explanation why they sell a 2019 set up and not a 2020 set up despite them being the same car (pretty sure). Roadmasters web page doesn’t list a set up either.

Any thoughts? I purchased a tow dolly. We just spent the week touring Grand Canyon and Sadona. The tow dolly is a pain. Alternative set ups? Does Blue Ox slowly roll out additional cars through out the year?


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I park my TT on a driveway and everytime I need to connect or disconnect, my tires are crooked. Should I use levelers on the right tire when I hitch up, or is that overkill? Bruce is a 2015 Silverado 2500 LT

I park my TT on a driveway and everytime I need to connect or disconnect, my tires are crooked. Should I use levelers on the right tire when I hitch up, or is that overkill? Bruce is a 2015 Silverado 2500 LT submitted by /u/philography

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Generator idiot : GoRVing

Okay. So we just bought a 2012 K-Z Spree Escape 196s. My hubs needs to move into it ASAP and he’ll be living in it in the driveway until after Covid is over. We cannot wire into the house without making a $6600 investment in a new panel. Don’t ask. It’s an electric mess. We borrowed my dad’s huge regular generator but when we hook the rev up to it with an adapter, it blows the breaker. What kind of generator do we need? We have a 30amp/120v plug. A/C is 13500 BTU and heater is 16000. Help. I need something and need it fast. Many, many thanks!

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Entry level travel trailer help : GoRVing

I’m interested in a small bunk house style travel trailer. Something that sleeps 5 and doesn’t have bump outs. There are a lot of choices ranging from a $10k Coleman to 16 or 17k for higher end products.

The used market seems pretty fixed at just under $10k unless you’re looking at something really old.

This would be for casual 2 season use late spring though early fall. Am I just better off buying something cheap that is new so that I get a warranty?

What do people on here own?

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Purchasing our 2nd trailer, need some help! : GoRVing

So my partner and I are living full time in our trailer. It’s been great, we love it and we’re planning on living in a trailer for the few years as we want to move for our jobs and be flexible.

Right now we have a 1973 prowler, the toilet doest work because it froze over the winter and our water doesn’t work as the pipes all leak. We’ve made due with the situation and have survived a pretty cold snowy winter.

So I’m in the search for the right trailer for us! My wants: Decent sized bathroom Heated tanks and enclosed and insulated underbelly Needs to be less than 4k lbs towing fully loaded Space for 2 people plus a dog Spacious kitchen layout with good countertop space 35gallon or more for tanks Fiberglass construction Fridge that can fit a pizza in the freezer

There’s some other but picky things but those are my big ones. We may be moving once or even twice a year and may use this to boondock in the woods occasionally, so the ability to tow it down a forest service road is why we’re looking for really lightweight and rugged.

Nearly purchased a 2019 No Boundaries 19.7 but didn’t like the bunk beds and counter top space was a minimum but I liked the construction and ground clearance as well as the look inside. We also liked the GeoPro and the Avalanche and have even considered toy haulers for the open layout and ability to build what we want.

I’m looking for suggestions on brands/models to consider as well as suggestions on what feature may be more valuable than most. The no boundaries said it had an enclosed underbelly which turned out to just be some plastic sheet and it wasn’t insulated and didn’t have heat pads so I felt a little duped by that marketing gimmick.

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Running dual AC’s on 30 amp shore power?

I recently moved a lot further south than I was when I bought my RV and the AC is doing well, but not as good as I’d like it to. I’m working nights right now so keeping it as cool as I’d like while I’m sleeping isn’t working since it’s hitting almost 90 here daily now. I was thinking of adding a non-ducted AC to my bedroom to help me sleep. Is there a unit small enough to supplement the primary AC without tripping breakers, or could I replace the main AC and run two smaller units? Alternatively, could I upgrade my trailer to 50amp and just run two full size units? For reference I have a 2018 Keystone Sprinter 25RK, it has a Coleman Mach AC unit on it, I think it’s a 13,500btu unit but I’m not sure. Everything I’ve read says this unit came with either that or a 15k and I don’t know where to look to verify which one I’ve got without climbing on my roof.

EDIT To clarify, I’m not asking if I can run two 13.5k or 15k units on 30 amp. I’m asking if I could run a second unit rated around 10k or install two small units.

submitted by /u/Kain714

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Anyone out there have any insight on this trailer? It’s just my wife and I and we are looking to start fulltime in this. We have a PTX170FQS right now and love it for weekend trips but it’s a touch too small for fulltime. I dont want to jump to 5th wheels yet. Any comments would be great. Thanks!!

submitted by /u/cybrrmage

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Getting Ready For Boondocking

Getting Ready For Boondocking

We just traded our Suburban for a used 2013 2500HD Duramax with 47K miles and found a used Outdoors RV Black Stone 28RKSB. I’ll be adding a full solar package and other updates. Sold the house, looking for a smaller place to call home and then hit the road for a few weeks at a time.

Many thanks for all you who have shared your experience and wisdom here!


submitted by /u/LifeWithHorses

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Winter camping in an expandable? : GoRVing

So there was a conversation on here the other week that mentioned payload constraints and it hit me like a brick that I had done literally no homework on that versus what I wanted to buy. Even worse, scope creep has set in. When I bought the truck I though I’d be using it for weekend long jaunts with a camper under 3000 lbs, now we want a 5 week workcation where I work a week, visit a week, work a week, ect. Clearly a 15 or 17 foot box would make a family of 3 crazy in that kind of space.

After discovering my preferred 22-25ft picks have too much tongue weight I’ve started considering something like a Jay Feather x19h. Which leads me to this question, we went skiing this year and saw some RVs at the resort just camping from the parking lot. Provided I find a resort with shore power, can an expandable like the Jay Feather keep warm in those kind of temps?

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Removing TVs, impact on resale?

We don’t have much use for TVs in our 32-foot class A and removed several. Left just one little one in the hallway for playing video games. How much is this likely to affect us when we go to eventually sell the RV in maybe 5 years? When we were shopping, we laughed ourselves silly at the units with TVs in place of windows, and up to 7 TVs in one motorhome. When we go to sell, will we find other people happy to buy used without TVs, or a bajillion TVs are really a requirement and nobody will want our poor TV-less specimen?

For us (full-timer family of 5) everyone has both phones and laptops and watches video on there, so the TV ends up being redundant. We took the little TV (and its slide-out mount) out of our back bedroom to free up a small closet, took the big TV down from the big motorized swing-out arm in our living room to free up access to the drop-down bed (and likely we will remove the giant mount as well so we don’t have to move it around before putting the bed up).

submitted by /u/CandleTiger

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Should the water heater be leaking this much from the release valve? Thanks! : GoRVing

It looks like you have the same Atwood heater as I do. Here is the relevant section from the manual that addresses dripping from the relief valve:

A Pressure Temperature Relief Valve, dripping while the water heater is running, DOES NOT mean it is defective. During normal expansion of water, as it is heated in the closed water system of a recreation vehicle, the Pressure Temperature Relief Valve will sometimes drip. The Atwood water heater tank is designed with an internal air gap at the top of the tank to reduce the possibility of dripping. In time, the expanding water will absorb this air and it must be restored.


  1. Turn off main water supply (the pump or water hook up source).

  2. Let water cool or let run until cool.

  3. Open the hot water faucet closest to the water heater.

  4. Pull handle of pressure temperature relief valve straight out and allow water to flow until it stops.

  5. Allow pressure temperature relief valve to snap shut; close faucet; turn on water supply.

  6. Turn on water heater and test.

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Streaming Netflix, etc using Sprint and casting help? : GoRVing

Later this year we’re going to be (hopefully) taking a long camper trip and will be streaming video to our phones (Sprint unlimited video streaming) while away from wifi and want to cast said video to the camper TV (using our booster’s wifi network).

Will that work?

Assuming so, then I’m trying to decide if I should buy a newer TCL with built-in Roku, or just take a Firestick that we already have or buy an AppleTV and hook it up to the existing TV in the camper. My experience with Airplay was laggy and disappointing the one time I used it.

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In need of Covid-19 living arrangements. : GoRVing

I am a 36 year old who’s wife has miraculously recovered from Carmona only to be at risk of Covid-19. We live with our two girls in my parent’s home. My parents are both elderly. We lost everything after my wife’s diagnosis and treatment. We have rebuild our lives and our credit. We are two weeks from closing on our first home. I cannot stop working to protect everyone involved so I need an alternative living arrangement until we close. I am looking for someone with a vacant, unused camper until we close. I have to do my best to protect everyone involved. Thank you. We are located in Maryville,Tennessee.

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WeBoost Antenna Mast Wall Brackets Not Sticking To RV Wall : GoRVing

As the title states, I’m seeking some advice here on getting the wall brackets for my WeBoost Antenna Mast to stick and hold the mast up appropriately.

If you’re not familiar with this portable antenna mast you can check it out here. The antenna mast comes with two plastic brackets that have 3M VHB tape on the back of them, they stick to the exterior wall of the RV. Once adhered, the antenna mast goes up and connects to the wall mounts.

I originally installed the wall mounts per the manufactures recommended procedure, cleaning the surface etc. A few weeks later the VHB tape completely failed and came unstuck from the plastic brackets themselves and the antenna mast fell over. The back of the plastic brackets was literally clean, very little to no adhesive on them. The VHB tape was pretty much still all stuck to the RV wall. I took a razor and slowly cleaned it all off and cleaned the surface again.

This time I used JB Weld 5 min Epoxy and coated the back of the plastic wall brackets and stuck them to the side of the RV. Waited a full day for the Epoxy to be cured and put the antenna back up. It’s been up for approximately two weeks now and today the mast fell down again! The epoxy came off the back of the wall brackets very cleanly and is also coming off the RV pretty cleanly. On one of the wall brackets I scuffed it up with a little bit of sand paper to try and make sure the epoxy held, the other bracket I did not.

Check out my pictures and the video I took showing how easy the epoxy is releasing from the RV.

Each time the antenna mast fell I think the wind was probably around 15 mph.

Thoughts/suggestions? Should I try different kind of JB Weld Epoxy, was the 5 min quick set stuff not enough?

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Looking for a thermostat that may or may not exist. Help please! : GoRVing

The thermostat for my furnace is located on a wall next to the refrigerator. That wall gets really cold during the winter months, so when using the thermostat, it tends to cycle. It’s also in a place that’s not ideal for measuring average inside temps, since it’s located in the bedroom area.

So does anyone know of a portable thermostat? In other words, the wall mount would have no thermometer. Just a remote receiver to trigger the furnace when the remote thermostat says to come on.

I know it’s an odd request, but the cycling on the coldest nights really drives us crazy.


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How old of a truck would you trust? : GoRVing


  • I’ve been RVing for two years, my trailer is a 35′ 2019 GD Imagine 2970RL bumper pull.

  • Previous truck was a 2006 Ram 2500 Diesel that was a lemon. Hauled great when it wasn’t in the shop. Sold after 9 months of grief.

  • I am kicking off a divorce! Once it is finalized in a few months, I’m planning on living out my midlife crisis dreams and full timing for a while. #nationalparksorbust

  • Divorces and RV living are expensive, so I’m a wee bit limited on how much truck I can afford. I can swing something in the $30k range but $35k+ would not be a good idea.

  • I live in Colorado and will be mountain towing so a 3/4 ton diesel is the minimum requirement.

After the shitshow of last year’s truck, I am really gunshy about getting an older vehicle. That truck should have been fine, but it was one problem after another. However, I straight up can’t afford something that is new. I see a couple vehicles that are 80k miles and a few years old around $30k. Obviously, I can find trucks in in the $20-30k range if I got older, but I am not particularly mechanically inclined or wise about vehicles.

Question: How old or high mileage can a vehicle get before you start getting wary of its reliability for hauling an RV/being your FT vehicle? Obviously every vehicle has ts own life story, but I’m looking for generalities here so I can have an idea of what to consider.


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Any recommendations on a generator that under $1,000 can power my 13,500 BTU air conditioner (I have a husky)?

I’d like to go as cheap as possible but I want something that is legitimately quiet also. I know I’m asking for a lot. I’ve looked at the Champion 3100 it seems expensive to me for the wattage. Any insight?

submitted by /u/nephilis

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My RV unexpectedly helped us out in the Lockdown

With TP seemingly hard to find as the hoarders stockpile their supply for the next 3 years, we were starting to get concerned as we were down to the last few rolls with none in stock at any of the stores.

Then my wife remembered that we had order 40 rolls of RV TP when it was on sale at some website about a month ago. She went out to the motorhome, snagged half and we are set for weeks.

Who knew that it would come in so handy? And so soon!

submitted by /u/MILF_Man

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Utahns In Texas. Do we try to get home?

We are currently in our daughter’s backyard in Texas in our class C. We and daughter’s family have self isolated so far for 11 days. Currently we are all healthy with no symptoms. My wife and I are in our early 70s. We’ve been planning to get back to our home in Utah after our 2 week isolation. But now Texas and New Mexico are under shelter in place orders.

It is so dificult to make a decision right now. Might mean life or death. For us and others if we make the wrong choice.

submitted by /u/givemethreesteps

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Fulltime Boondocking Power : GoRVing

For my TT last summer, I struggled with 120W of solar and occasional daily generator use. I personally didn’t use much power, but the propane refrigerator did. By the end of the summer, with the sun not rising as high, I used the frig like a cooler: powered it on during the day and off at night.

I have a neighbor who appears to get all their power from a generator. Their land is on the north side of a steep ridge and they get no sun. I have no idea how they can afford it.

You need to figure out how much power you need and how much solar potential your site has.

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Best travel trailer towed by small cars? Less than 1000lbs : GoRVing

Post image

Yaris tow RV

Small cars, like the Toyota Yaris, typically have a tow capacity of 900kgs braked.

If you have a small car, is it possible to have a 1000 lbs travel trailer, towed by a small car?

I remember a 15 ft wood frame flat bed trailer’s empty weight is 500kg, so it lefts only 400kg for furnishings.

How would you suffice with 400kgs (about 880 lbs) for walls, furniture, appliance etc?

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Bruce & Penny Lane, our newest additions to the family. We’re currently renovating the inside of the trailer and then we’ll hit the road! Tons of towing practice for now.

Bruce & Penny Lane, our newest additions to the family. We're currently renovating the inside of the trailer and then we'll hit the road! Tons of towing practice for now. submitted by /u/philography

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Lightweight Travel Trailer : GoRVing

I’m no pro on small travel trailers but what about something like a teardrop or R-Pod?

Cargo trailers are not light (comparatively). Even something small like a 5×8 is probably like 800-1000lbs. They are designed to hold a lot of weight so the axles/frame/floors tend to be pretty beefy.

A purpose built small travel trailer will give you more bang for the weight.

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Using a heated mattress pad? : GoRVing

I run on solar power and batteries through an inverter. Wondering about using a heated mattress pad to extend the season in my trailer. Most advice I find about using MSW inverter and electric blankets/mattress pads is five years old (or more). Would a new pad be safe to use now? Also a new 3000w inverter. Any advice would be great!

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Thinking of installing a nature’s head composting toilet. Could I theoretically tap in my 12v light switch in the bathroom to run the fan? Thank you

Thinking of installing a nature's head composting toilet. Could I theoretically tap in my 12v light switch in the bathroom to run the fan? Thank you submitted by /u/Zenaxis

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I’m so confused on how to set up my tv with the roof antenna. I have only succeeded once on my previous rv.I have tried plugging into both the “Sat” and cable ports. I’ve tried pushing the button in and leaving it out. And of course I’m doing a channel scan. No success. Advice? Thx! : GoRVing

To clarify: one coax jack says “TV” and has an on off button next to it. The other coax jack right next to it is labeled “aux/sat” and does not have a button next to it.

To my mind, I should be plugging into the “TV” jack, then pressing the button to on which I believe turns on the roof antenna. But then I do a channel scan and my tv asks if I want to scan for air, cable, or both, and I’ve tried all options and nothing works.

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Soft RV floor- Worth Replacing : GoRVing

New to RVing and have a question regarding a soft floor.

A recently aquired an RV that has been in the family for about 15 years. It is a 2002 R-Vision 27 foot travel trailer. It has been stored on grass/dirt throughout it’s life with a cover in the winter. Over the past year we have been notice a could soft spots in the floor in the back (kitchen). I did some investigation today and cut out samples of the linoleum and found some wood that is defintly water damaged and wet but not soft like you would fall through. The best I can describe it is when you tap it with the backside of a screw driver it is very dull.

Is it worth replacing the entire floor?

What is the cause? Storage conditions? I don’t see any water coming in from the walls/roof/windows. I also haven’t noticed any burst pipes.


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So last night there was a power surge of some kind at the rv park that I am staying at unfortunately I do not have a surge protector wish I did and now my Coleman Mach A/C unit is not working hoping it’s just the fuse needs replaced and that’s it but wondering if anyone has had this happen to them

Also my water heater light comes on but nothing happens it does not ignite to get hot? but it worked last night after power surge.

submitted by /u/valkyrieavenged

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Better like Sweet Potato Cooking Soup, that’s all that’s left! Well, not going to order that in the future. : GoRVing

Swear, I have great luck sometimes! I love sweet potato soup! I went to the store a week ago, all the bread gone except 5 loves of what we normally get potato bread. It’s been fascinating to me the things people leave. Tons of salami and beef jerky still there, in fact the beef jerky was on sale. Crazy times, be safe out there

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I know nothing about electricity, but… : GoRVing

So I’m staying in an RV on a friend’s property for the next few months until my new place is ready and I’m finding myself with a lot of free time due to this whole pandemic thing. I’d like to set up my desktop PC (nothing super fancy) so I can play a few games that are on it. I know nothing about electricity, so I was wondering if it’s ok to just plug it into the outlet while I’m on shore power? Could any of you knowledgeable people help me out?

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Comparing Coleman vs Jayco lightweight trailers : GoRVing

Hi all — I’m looking for something lightweight that I can tow with my Explorer. I’ve been eyeballing the Jayco trailers of course since their 17′ models are around 15k, but the other day I came across the new Coleman Lantern 17B which is $10k at Camping World. It almost seems too good to be true; what do you think? I know it doesn’t have propane heater or fridge — both are electric only — but I plan on mostly using it as an office at home so that’s not a big deal for me. What else am I missing? Thanks in advance.

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Sanitizer water lines without filling fresh tank? : GoRVing

I have my travel trailer parked full time, so I never fill my fresh water tank. When I prepared for winter by filling the lines with antifreeze I disconnected the PEX from the tank going to the pump, and got my own swivel adapter with vinyl tubing and put it into the antifreeze gallon and pumped away. I figured I could do this too to sanitize before starting up again but how could I get the bleach concentrations right? Any advice to make it a bit easier is appreciated, this is my first spring season with a TT!

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