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Advantages of Rentals Being Our Main Business

Have you been thinking about renting an RV for your next vacation? There is an insider secret that many of our previous customers might know that you haven’t discovered yet – you can get more value by renting from us here at Southside where our main specialty is rentals. Of course everything has its pros and cons and is subject to personal opinion and bias, but here are some things to think about.

First of all, make sure you understand the differences between Class A (looks like a bus), Class C (more like a camper), Class B (the size of a large van) and, of course, pull-behinds and 5th wheels which are towed instead of driven. Many companies who are dealers just rent what they have in stock at the time – sometimes taken in used and currently for sale. Renting is a sideline for many dealers – some do it well – others might treat it like a sideline. A specialized RV rental business is highly likely to take excellent care and give special attention to their RV’s. Renters of an RV rental business like this one recognize that the unit itself is usually well cared for and are usually more respectful of the property they are renting which benefits future renters as well.

Of course everyone knows that large dealer companies have overhead costs to cover. Specialized RV rental businesses are much more likely to offer personalized added value in comparison for your rental, simply because they can!

Fees, fees and a few more fees! The big companies love them so much that sometimes they don’t even tell you about them until you’re picking up the keys. This is a common complaint in the industry. When comparing prices, always ask about Transport Fees, Cleaning Fees, Tear-Down and Retrieval Fees, and Dump Fees. Our fees are already spelled out on our website so there should be no surprises.

One thing that does represent a legitimate concern are breakdowns. Southside Camper Rental and Supplies does everything in it’s power to make sure everything is in good condition to avoid any problems. Other dealers rental units might not have been maintained and inspected as well as these units where rental is our main focus.

As in all things money, caveat emptor (buyer beware) and make sure you get a signed rental agreement AND read it. Do a little research, ask for some references and follow your instincts.

So, when you rent from us, you are more likely to enjoy your vacation, probably save a chunk of your change from our low prices for souvenirs, and make some new friends, at no extra charge.

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