The New 2021 RV Season!

Is this a new normal – or a return to something familiar?

There are many things that contribute to that feeling we love so much each year. For some it is of course more sunlight and gradually increasing outside temperatures as we come out of the darker days of winter, for others it might be the optimism that we could eventually come out of the long dark days of the pandemic we’ve endured since last year, but to most it’s looking forward to doing other things that we love to enjoy during the warmer times of the year even though you may be an avid winter sports enthusiast.

Looking forward to new or maybe repeat activities and special times keeps all of us going. While there’s no denying that even the simple joys of planning and anticipating family vacations and events such as reunions, weddings, anniversaries, and other special gatherings including holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor day has changed over the past year. How much it returns to our previous “normal” remains to be seen yet – and some of it might never return as before, but instead will return as a modified “new normal”. But we have, and will continue to look forward to all those times when we gather together with family and friends – and sometimes just times to get away from the routine by ourselves – or with family and/or friends – no matter how much that might have changed.

I said the same last year before everything in our lives seemed to go upside down, but it bears repeating that if you own an RV, now is the time to consider getting things ready for and during another season with normal maintenance and repairs, especially if you’ve been putting some off for a while. It’s also a perfect time to consider upgrades and improvements to enhance your RV enjoyment and functionality, such as LED lights, inverters, upgraded video, electrical systems, and many more accessory enhancements than I could list.

If you don’t own an RV yet, consider scheduling one of our rental RV’s for your upcoming special events – or just rent one to get away for an enjoyable weekend. There are many great reasons to rent an RV – family events, vacations, work events, or even just to find out if you and your family would enjoy the RV lifestyle.

But don’t hesitate – if you haven’t heard – RV travel has become the hottest activity since, during, and there’s no reason to think that it won’t still be “after” this pandemic has become just a memory. So new and used available RV units, and any needed repairs, and/or desired upgrades, and respective parts and accessory availability, as well as the exceptional servicing that we offer, are all often at a premium – so the sooner thing are scheduled, the more certain any possible delays are avoided.

We are here to help make your RV dreams come true – whether it’s renting an RV, or improving or repairing your new or current RV (and don’t forget other types of Recreational Vehicles we can help you with, like Watercraft, ATV’s, Motorcycles, and other Powersport equipment also) – we want to help you enjoy everything this 2021 season has to offer!

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